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Innovative Strategies for Medicare AEP 2024

BY: Jim Porter | EVP, Managing Director Healthcare Practice

PUBLISHED: 3/24/2023

Medicare Advantage penetration continues to grow. And while switching for all lines of Medicare remains flat, the number of Seniors switching from one Medicare Advantage plan to another is robust.  Competing and winning against competitive Medicare Advantage has become more important than ever to reach growth goals.

What are the market forces and consumer attitudes behind this market trend? 

And, where do the marketing opportunities lie as we bear witness to changing media habits and increased digital centricity of the young Senior, also known as Generation Jones?

To tackle these questions, MERGE gathered a group of experts including Len Kudgis, COO, HealthShare360, Medicare marketing executive Adam Berton, and MERGE, SVP for the Health Plan practice, Michelle Boudreau.

About the Panelists:

  • At HealthShare360, Len specializes in helping clients optimize their Medicare market share, their revenue, and their wallet share. 
  • Adam has been involved in marketing plans nationally, regionally, and locally, for both payers and providers at several esteemed brands. He has led teams responsible for brand, acquisition, engagement, and retention. 
  • Michelle, a subject matter expert and leader at MERGE, has been focusing exclusively on health plans for the last 7 years working with a variety of regional plans and brand campaigns.


The panel began the discussion talking about the importance of Medicare in the lives of Seniors. 

They discussed the difficulties of keeping commercial members when they transition into Medicare and strategies for acquiring Seniors when they age-in to Medicare.

Then, they addressed the changing media landscape and how to successfully establish the right media mix when developing Medicare Advantage media plans.

Finally, the team wrapped up with discussions around the importance of data-driven strategy, effective personalization, and keeping your Medicare marketing messages simple.


Listen to the invigorating and informative 40-minute on-demand discussion.


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