CES 2022: Personalized Technology for a Hybrid Life


PUBLISHED: 1/18/2022

2022 CES was a hybrid show that outlined the vision for our new hybrid lives as the world creates a semblance of “new normal” within the confines of the pandemic, defined by a blend of in-person and virtual. There was a huge emphasis on the forthcoming metaverse and imminent “virtual lives,” but what about the emerging technologies that impact our real lives?


Brands are viewing this time as an opportunity to improve everyday moments, acknowledging that the way we go about our daily lives has changed. This extends beyond any useful tech or software updates to include climate concerns: Brands are embracing eco-conscious packaging and manufacturing like never before. LG is committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and is already redesigning its TVs with carbon fiber and recyclable packaging. Samsung introduced a remote that is powered by solar panels and ambient Wi-Fi signal.


Maybe you’re looking for the latest in ultra-premium TVs as you build your home theater.

●      Introduction of QD OLED, a new category of TV technology. Both Samsung and Sony are bringing QD OLED TVs to market in 2022, marking the first advancement in OLED technology since 2013. These TVs marry the brightness of Quantum Dots with the precise clarity and blacks of OLED.


Or maybe your TV needs to take a slightly unique form to fit into your lifestyle.

●      Role and form factor of TV, reimagined.

○      LG’s StanbyME is a smaller, portable TV that lives on a stand—designed to follow you wherever you go. It’s touch-screen and battery-operated, meaning no cords or remotes to get in the way.

■      Swivel the screen from landscape to portrait mode and cast your smartphone to the TV, or use it to video chat with friends.

○      Samsung’s Freestyle mini projector is designed to create an up-to-100” TV screen wherever you put it, complete with Netflix via Samsung’s smart TV interface.

LG’s StanbyME

Image: LG

Samsung’s Freestyle

Image: Samsung

As you build out your smart home, you might be curious or concerned about how all these separate products will play together. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa have each taken sides, but with the introduction of Matter, brands are committing to cross-platform compatibility for the first time. This means a one-time setup for all your voice-controlled devices from lightbulbs to Ring doorbells, no matter which assistant you prefer. Which is great, because even your front door and bathrooms will be smart soon enough.

Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door, with dual cameras to track visitors and packages

Image: Masonite

Kohler Perfect Fill automatically fills your tub with the exact temperature and amount of water via voice control

Source: Kohler

Tech is more personal than ever, expanding into every facet of our lives to support the new realities of life: FaceTimes from the couch, working out at home, the living room as your movie theater. No longer are products smart for the sake of being smart—it’s about creating a personalized experience to fit your individual lifestyle.