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Driving brand traffic and efficiency to meet demand

By restructuring TNAA’s paid search strategy and implementing automation, MERGE helped the healthcare staffing firm decrease cost per lead to an all-time low.

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Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) turned to MERGE with the goal of increasing registered nurse leads in their pay per click (PPC) channel with a target cost per lead goal in mind. To help TNAA reach their goal, our team at MERGE went to work delivering a more efficient cost per lead at a 78% decrease compared to the previous program.

Notable too is the fact that the transition occurred while the global pandemic started to ramp up, driving an increase in demand for travel nurses in heavily impacted areas.


MERGE started with a restructuring of the TNAA account to better manage the budget and identify keywords with solid cost efficiency. Once there was a baseline for performance with the new structure, MERGE layered on automated bid strategies to help manage and increase efficiencies.


Brand traffic increased one week into launching the campaign restructure. By the fourth week, the main metric, cost per lead, improved at 77% less than the prior period.

After establishing the restructure as a success due to a significant increase in performance and improved efficiencies, MERGE implemented automation, dropping CPL to an all-time low at 76% below the original target. Additional successes include:



decrease in YoY CPMs


decrease in cost per lead YoY


increase in leads YoY

It has been fantastic partnering with MERGE. Not only have they been able to deliver outstanding results, taking our SEM ROI to new levels, but they are a great group of people that are committed to their clients’ success.

Scott Knox, VP of Marketing, Travel Nurse Across America