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Inaccuracies in noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) cause anxiety for healthcare providers and their patients. Fortunately, the Roche Harmony test is the most accurate and clinically validated NIPT available.

Roche’s objective was to regain market share and reassert superiority as the most accurate prenatal test available in the face of new competitors entering the market.


We developed an integrated campaign platform that gave the Harmony brand a breakthrough look and feel with messaging that changed physician perception.

Instead of showing conventional photos of happy pregnant mothers, we used arresting original close-ups that capture the anxiety that women often feel early in their pregnancies. Our marketing materials then showed this worry change to relief thanks to the peace of mind that Harmony offers as the most accurate prenatal test.


Affiliates were so inspired by the new brand platform that Roche launched the campaign around the world.


The new Harmony NIPT campaign perfectly captures the importance of the accuracy of the Harmony test in a stark and visually arresting way.

Gaetan Fraikin, Head of Global Marketing, Roche Sequencing Systems