Spreading The Art Of Healing

At MERGE we understand that in healthcare, the science can take you so far. But at the pinnacle, healthcare becomes an art form.

We work with purpose driven clients that save lives… more than 20 Healthcare Networks.

We have client partnerships that have endured over a decade… this is one of them.

Internal Engagement

Spreading the art of healing also means engaging the hearts of the artists who bring their skills to the hospital every day.

IU Health Plans

Riley Hospital for Children


In 27 years of marketing, this is the campaign... I am most proud of. To say we delivered a record number of leads is one thing; to say we were 193% to goal is another; But what is flat out amazing is that we achieved this after blowing up a historically high performing campaign in order to truly differentiate a product that had no benefit difference from larger competitors: who offered our providers in their network and out spent us 3:1.


Stories engage people. Stories are the bond of communities.

For Indiana University Health and over twenty other hospital networks across the country, we spread the art of healing every day. We understand the complexity, the regulatory environment, the marketing technology, and the patient and provider needs. But what we really understand is that collaborating to drive a growth mindset means creating the stories that merge the art with the science, and that’s what drives truly sustainable growth.