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Premium Pet Food Brand, MERGE Forge Unbreakable Brand Loyalty

Partnering with a Premium Pet Food Brand, MERGE helped the award-winning pet food maker craft a fresh brand voice and more firmly establish brand loyalty through personalization.

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In 2020, our Premium Pet Food Brand client found itself entering the digital space amid a staggering surge in pet ownership and spending on pet food and treats. The brand sought to capitalize on this trend and connect with new dog parents, but lacked an e-commerce storefront and was challenged to drive new consumers to their database. Their primary objectives were to grow their customer email subscriber list and collect valuable data to enable personalized marketing campaigns.


To conquer these challenges, MERGE devised a comprehensive strategy that harnessed owned channels and content, including blogs and a content-tailored email playbook, to strengthen the brand's association with nutrition and health for new dog parents. The SEO team conducted extensive research to identify high-value keywords, enabling the Premium Pet Food Brand to create valuable and relevant content for their audience.

Paid social media advertising on Facebook targeted audiences interested in puppy ownership, effectively driving cost-efficient lead generation and increasing email sign-ups by an astounding 295%. Additionally, MERGE utilized heat map functionality and A/B testing strategies to optimize onsite user experience, ensuring seamless interactions with the Premium Pet Food Brand’s digital assets.

By recommending forward-thinking initiatives such as implementing a pop-up and promoting the journey on Facebook and Instagram, MERGE further enhanced engagement and surpassed monthly growth projections by over 750%.


The results were nothing short of extraordinary. Our Premium Pet Food Brand client experienced a staggering 295% year-over-year increase in email sign-ups across all channels. Meanwhile, the pop-up initiative on their website alone contributed to 34% of total growth, exceeding monthly forecasted growth by over 750%.


The carefully crafted email series resulted in 8% growth of the overall email database for this leading pet food brand. The average click-through rate for the entire journey reached an impressive 5.29%, solidifying the effectiveness of the personalized marketing efforts. Through MERGE's SEO efforts and brand outreach, the Premium Pet Food Brand received 7.74 million impressions across 73,821 sessions, positioning them as subject matter experts and enhancing their brand reputation.


MERGE also surpassed its lead goal by 111% and exceeded its CPL (cost-per-lead) goal by an outstanding 58%, showcasing the agency's ability to deliver tangible results.


Ultimately, the partnership between this Premium Pet Food Brand client and MERGE stands as a testament to the power of innovation, personalized marketing, and data-driven strategies. By crafting a fresh brand voice and leveraging digital initiatives, the Premium Pet Food Brand now enjoys unshakable brand loyalty, placing them at the forefront of the pet food industry. The success achieved in this case study serves as an inspiration for brands seeking to elevate their market presence and build lasting connections with their customers.



YoY increase in email sign-ups across all channels


Growth of overall email database


“We are very pleased with the entire MERGE team for recommending and implementing our first CRM journey campaign to reach an identified target audience and deliver added-value content within a specific purchase life stage...With their expertise, execution, and analysis, we exceeded our goals and benchmarks across all components of the campaign and are expanding the execution to additional brands within our portfolio.”

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