Federal Employee Health Benefits Provider

Elevating Results, Visibility, and Awareness Year-Over-Year

To stand out from competition and have a voice in the broader industry discussion during the critical Open Season, MERGE helped a major Benefits Provider for federal employees craft a comprehensive outreach plan that resulted in a 99% message accuracy rate and 34 unique media placements.


  • Media Relations

  • Open Season

  • Strategy


Open Season is a critical time for benefits provides as it is the single biggest moment to garner new members. 


Building off of previous Open Seasons’ successes and learnings for a benefits provider client, MERGE was tasked to elevate and highlight the companies leading position in the FEHB and FEDVIP space, medical and dental plans as well as the newest offering, Medicare Advantage with Part D (MAPD).


To educate and highlight the companies comprehensive portfolio of FEHBP and FEDVIP plans and the company's commitment to addressing members' needs with the right coverage at affordable prices, MERGE and the company’s communications teams created a comprehensive and strategic outreach plan to:


- Insert the company consistently into conversations about Open Season
- Engage in industry conversations across multiple channels to showcase the value of the benefits packages 


Year over year, MERGE has increased awareness, visibility and garnered results during a key time period. 


- Secured 34 earned placements about the company’s offerings, resulting in 11.7 million earned media impressions
- The company earned the largest share of voice (28.8%) among its competitive set during the Open Season time period
- Leveraged two (2) company executives as thought leadership subject matter experts (SMEs) for interviews
- The Open Season 2024 plan year placements surpassed the previous 2 years 
- All coverage includes value messages, and 99% includes quality messages



Message accuracy




Unique earned media impressions