Leveraging Personalization to Fuel Affiliate Marketing Revenue

When Mizzen+Main sought to increase traffic and revenue from affiliate marketing channels, MERGE assembled comprehensive content creation strategies spanning multiple partners and channels that were designed to target untapped audiences resulting in significant upticks in clicks, revenue, and AOV rates.

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American clothing company Mizzen+Main was leveraging our partner Impact’s Partnership Cloud, a solution that manages, measures, and automates end-to-end workflow of affiliate and influencer partnerships. However, they were not seeing as much traffic and revenue from their affiliate channel as they wanted. 

They came to MERGE to diversify their affiliate partnerships, as they were mostly relying on coupon sites along with flat commission rates for partners. Mizzen+Main wanted to work with high-value and incremental partners who more closely aligned with their brand.


MERGE created a strategic plan that focused on content creation across different partners that would drive incremental traffic and revenue. We focused on established, top-of-funnel partners including mass media, content, and loyalty partners who could introduce Mizzen+Main to new audiences. 

MERGE fostered healthy relationships with Cartera, Capital One, and Rakuten. They worked with Impact to create unique coupon codes for top partners and instituted a dynamic commission rate so they could easily send out codes for influencers, podcasters, and high-performing content partners. 

Impact’s Marketplace and Partner Discovery Tool was vital in finding partners who aligned with Mizzen+Main’s audience — primarily men between the ages of 25 and 50 who had a six-figure income or greater. The diversity in affiliate marketing partners allowed for the high-end clothing brand to create evergreen affiliate content and rely less on discounts. They saw the highest amount of growth with loyalty and content partners such as menswear blogs and influencer networks.


Mizzen+Main surpassed their growth goals and achieved stunning YoY results:



Increase in revenue


Increase in clicks


Increase in AOV

MERGE’s strategic approach and Impact’s technology allowed us to quickly expand our partnerships and grow strong relationships with content and loyalty partners. They have been able to build a robust group of partnerships for us and deliver high-performance as we continue to build out our partner program.