When Faced with a Deadline-Driven, Complex Marketo Integration — Mendix Trusted MERGE for the Job

Learn how MERGE helped Mendix best leverage their MarTech to achieve their objectives for their flagship event, Mendix World.



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Despite the pandemic, Mendix managed to put together an event experience for their 2020 flagship event, Mendix World, which would drive the highest number of registrants to date. But, there was one key component missing - data. Since they had to scramble to pull the event together, they didn't manage to pull valuable data from the event.


With Mendix World 2021 predicted to be even larger, the team was ready to roll up their sleeves and get to planning. To ensure they would walk away from the event with actionable data and insights, they added RainFocus to their MarTech stack. Rainfocus’ capabilities include encapsulating the entire event experience, from data and analytics to registration and even virtual exhibitor booths.

When Mendix initiated kickoff conversations, the team quickly learned that they lacked in two departments: the internal expertise to manage and integrate a new platform as well as the bandwidth to train themselves on the new platform.

Handling the architectural design, installation, integration, and set-up of a new event platform can take weeks or even months, and with registration around the corner, there was little time for risks.

What Mendix needed was more marketing and IT bandwidth. Although MERGE had never worked with RainFocus, Mendix was confident in MERGE's technical expertise and capabilities to implement a Marketo integration.


Technical and structural framework: Since improving pre-and post-event reporting capabilities was a key objective for Mendix, MERGE designed and implemented the RainFocus-Marketo integration that was the cornerstone to all downstream analytics.


Project management: With Mendix experiencing rapid internal growth, their team had their hands full and needed help staying on track. The MERGE team made sure that Mendix understood the impact of their decisions, and kept the project running on track.

Throughout the entire project, MERGE acted as an extension of the team. This meant adding the right mix of talent to ensure objectives were being met, and solutions were technically sound.

“MERGE will tell us if we're going down the wrong path and we’ll get to the right answer together. We have an established partnership of five years, and it’s only grown over time. We needed a trusted partner to fact check and have our backs, and MERGE did just that.” Nicholas Rose, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Operations

MERGE assigned the following roles to work on this project: one project manager, one solutions architect, one senior consultant, and five Marketo consultants.


Mendix and MERGE celebrated many wins throughout the project duration. From launching registration on time to successfully sourcing registrants, MERGE worked with Mendix to achieve several event objectives.





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