LG Home Electronics

Launching the World's Best TV in Retail

LG Home Electronics Retail Experience Wall


  • Retail and Brand Strategy

  • Shopper Marketing

  • Content Development

  • Environmental Design

  • Technology Implementation

  • Analytics

  • POP and Digital Signage


When LG Electronics expanded its footprint in Best Buy to include a 24'x20' Vendor Pad, the new real estate provided the opportunity to stand apart from competitors in a crowded retail environment and position LG as a premium, innovative brand with the best TVs on the market. As LG's shopper marketing AOR, we created a shopper- driven experience that deepens engagement along all touch points in the space, demonstrating product quality and shifting brand consideration for the World's Best TVs.


As a challenger brand, research shows that shoppers generally come to the store looking for competitors, Samsung and Sony. But once shoppers experience LG picture quality through a demo, brand consideration and likelihood to purchase rise considerably. Our in-store strategy sought to capture, captivate and convert by showing shoppers a truly amazing home theater experience.

The immersive Best Buy solution includes 1) a dynamic LED back wall to draw shoppers into the space, 2) synced content on TV screens for takeover moments that highlight OLED TV picture quality, and 3) interactive tablets at various touchpoints featuring "learn-more" content and product specs. Sales associate tools within the environment facilitate assisted-selling conversations and promote consideration. Mobile engagment points within the space allow shoppers to take relevant educational information home, allowing LG to continue a path-to-purchase dialogue beyond the retail environment. 


Elevated brand consideration and perceptions of premiumness with shoppers.



increase in shopper engagement