Launching the Next-Gen of Cardiac Monitors

Accelerating adoption in a stagnant market

Zio by iRhythm


  • Creative Services


iRhythm has been redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are detected and diagnosed—yet, despite having a superior solution and data, adoption was slow.

With the launch of the next-generation Zio monitor, iRhythm looked to MERGE for a new creative platform that not only leveraged its news value but also how Zio is elevating the category to accelerate adoption with new and existing customers.


MERGE sought to overcome inertia in the market with a creative platform to convince cardiologists and electrophysiologists that not just any Holter or Long Term Cardiac Monitor (LTCM) will do the job—it's time to make Zio their go-to cardiac monitoring solution, empowering them to diagnose faster and treat more patients sooner.

ZIO by iRhythm