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MERGE Boosts Integrative Therapeutics Leads from Zero to 100

Learn how MERGE was able to help Integrative Therapeutics redefine its lead lifecycle model



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Jason Raisleger, marketing automation specialist at Integrative Therapeutics, was facing several challenges. Not only was his team quite new to marketing automation in general, but they had just recently migrated from Eloqua to Marketo as their marketing automation platform. They came to MERGE to help them both transition to Marketo and get them started in the right way, ready to take things to the next level.


MERGE jumped in right away, tackling a number of areas including lead lifecycle and lead scoring. And one of the areas that surprised Jason and the marketing team the most was what they learned within their lead lifecycle model—just how many existing customers were actually getting through!


“Before we worked with MERGE, we really started with nothing,” Jason said. “Now, we can see how many people actually make it into our lead lifecycle, where before all we would have is the total lead data across the instance. We can see what steps they're in. Being able to actually learn that helped us redefine our lead lifecycle model and in kind of the way that we're pushing new leads to our reps.”

Jason also appreciated the continuity and consistency of communication that MERGE brought to the engagement, as it made kept the momentum of the project going strong.


“Everyone on the team that we interacted with knew exactly what was going on. In some instances of working with other agencies you had to do a great deal of work trying to inform someone new brought into a project exactly who you were and what you're trying to do—that wasn't the case working with MERGE at all. Everyone that was brought in knew exactly what we're doing and had an interesting way of looking at a projects.”

Jason gave MERGE high praise when it came to empowering the Integrative Therapeutics marketing team and positively impacting its lead lifecycle model.


“I think MERGE really helped us become fearless as marketers because, before we implemented leads lifecycle we weren't passing any leads to sales—now we're passing a hundred leads per month which has a major impact on our business.”