MERGE Saves Euromonitor Hundreds of Marketing Hours

Learn how MERGE was able to help Euromonitor International develop a stronger tokenization program.



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Lauren Beth, Euromonitor International’s Global Communications Director, knew that her global market research company’s use of Marketo was fairly advanced within the larger Marketo community.


With solid processes in place and templates set up, she knew they were ahead of the curve in many ways. But she wanted to get validation that the company was doing things the best possible way before taking the next step.

“We're a global market research company which means we have audiences across the globe, in many different languages, and we have no set process by office,” said Lauren.


“So, what the marketing and sales strategy is in Chicago is not the same in London or any of our other offices. MERGE was a big part of our of next step in taking advantage of automation and ensuring that we're not just doing the basics and we're optimizing what my team can do.”


Prior to getting started with MERGE, Euromonitor’s approach to marketing with Marketo focused on more basic things like started content marketing; the company had just started looking at lead scoring and didn’t yet have a lead nurturing system in place.


With a “somewhat small” marketing operations team in Lauren’s early days, it was imperative that the team be extremely efficient with their time and budget and ensure that they could prove the value of every activity they undertook.


One of the biggest MERGE strategies that brought Euromonitor immediate payoff in the very beginning was the development of a much stronger tokenization program.


MERGE immediately recognized the challenges Euromonitor faces as a global business, working in different time zones and different languages and was able to pinpoint a strategy for handling that.


“MERGE told us, ‘’Okay, well if you only have X amount of time and you have X amount of resources, we would recommend that you build your templates and your pre-webinar projects and anything to do with content marketing with better tokens, better tokenization.’’


Lauren credited that kind of overarching business strategy with saving her small marketing operations team hundreds of hours over time, in addition to a number of equally impressive yet more subtle results.


Since beginning her work with MERGE, “The team runs better, we are far more efficient, [and] we can focus on the results,” Lauren noted.


“Because of the amount of time that we are saving—because of MERGE's influence in our process, we have been able to exceed our goals these past couple of years. We've seen exponential growth across our content marketing plan because, we have better programs, more efficient processes and better results.”

Lauren also gives props to MERGE for making it easier for her to know if there’s something she should pay closer attention to, as well as if there’s something she should let go.


“It's so easy to get stuck in a rut, but MERGE comes in and says to us, ‘’you probably should try your lead routing system in a different way,” or “actually, this is fantastic! You don't need to touch i t— don't have a panic attack, you're gonna be fine!’’” said Lauren.


She appreciates both the strategic feedback and guidance, but also hearing from MERGE “you’re doing fine here” in areas where she may have questions.


“It’s really reassuring to have that,” Lauren concluded.