Grand Cancer Challenges

Launching Through Earned Media Storytelling

When the two largest Cancer Research Funding organizations came together to creatively tackle cancer’s toughest questions, they trusted MERGE to introduce this crucial global cancer research initiative to the U.S. The results? More than 40 hits in leading publications and doubling the brand’s share of voice in a highly crowded and competitive cancer research market in under a year.


  • Nonprofit/Science Storytelling

  • Media Relations

  • Strategy


Raise awareness of Cancer Grand Challenges, a global cancer research initiative, and launch its activity in the U.S. to inform audiences of its mission,  drive donations from the world’s top philanthropic cancer donors and encourage leading cancer research scientists to tackle cancer’s most complex challenges. 


Elevating Cancer Grand Challenges as an engine behind cancer research, MERGE developed a U.S. PR program to help expand visibility, build credibility, establish brand storytelling and drive a thought-provoking conversation around the role of science and discovery in cancer research. 


MERGE worked collaboratively with Cancer Grand Challenges and funding partners such as National Cancer Institute to strategically generate excitement around milestone events and announcements, subject matter experts for their unique perspective and leverage high profile national media relationships to drive successful results.


Within 12 months, MERGE increased brand awareness and visibility in the U.S. among key audience stakeholders.


Established and nurtured influential reporter relationships with national media outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, creating interest  and credibility to stand out in a crowded landscape. 


More than doubled the brand’s share of voice in the marketplace, secured coverage in the organization's’ #1 media target, The Washington Post, and delivered quality earned media coverage that outpaced competitors and exceeded partner KPIs.



Media hits




Tier 1 media relationships initiated

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