Building Awareness through Appetite Appeal and Attitude

Think of us as BurgerFi’s sous chef—cooking up creative solutions infused with emotion and appetite appeal across all touchpoints. Our focus is boosting store traffic and transactions through breakthrough strategic and tactical creativity that keeps consumers hungry for more BurgerFi at every micro-moment in their path to purchase.

Extra sizzle? Yes, Chef!

Getting guests craving more than just a cultural trend


When BurgerFi asked if we could help them capitalize on pop culture trends and the culinary experience that guests crave, we said, “Yes, Chef!” Through an integrated campaign, we introduced the ‘Yes, Chef Burger’ and invited Burger Lovers and curious pop culture aficionados alike to indulge in this limited-time offer inspired by movies and TV.

Bold strategy, big returns

Breakthrough creative and strong strategy make a tasty combo


BurgerFi had been serving up juicy burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing beverages a la carte, but with the help of a premium value strategy and breakthrough creative, The B.F.D. was born. Don’t call it a combo, this is The B.F.D.—burger, fries, and a drink the way only BurgerFi can do it…with appetite appeal and attitude. Mmm, delicious!

Building burger loyalty through value

Driving traffic and cultivating brand love among burger fanatics


Offering its iconic cheeseburger at a fraction of the price didn’t just satisfy cravings for burger lovers and deal seekers alike—it smashed records. The launch of BurgerFi’s first-ever one-day promotional effort delivered mouthwatering results, boosting sales by 60% and beating check count by 80% from the previous year, while driving the highest-ever same-day loyalty sign-ups.

BurgerFi + MERGE

We're thrilled about our collaboration with MERGE, fueling brand awareness and accelerating digital transformation at BurgerFi. Together, we've boosted traffic and sales, reinforcing our commitment to growth and innovation in 2024.

Cindy Syracuse, Chief Marketing Officer, BurgerFi and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza