Transacting For Your Best Interest

How do you create differentiation and an emotional connection in a transactional category?

You engage hearts and connect parts, that’s how you grow...

By merging storytelling & technology we can make a deep impact that drives sustainable growth. We know that the mindset of banking clients begins with a single transaction, and that the banking relationship is built on hundreds of them. So we embrace the transaction as the heart of banking, and the true reflection of our clients' expectations to transact in their best interest.

...That’s how you get results

MB Financial

MERGE uncovered that MB’s best interest was rooted in their ability to listen to—not talk at—their customers, and to answer “why MB?" to grow share in Chicago and beyond.


In the first two years of our campaign for this top 50 bank, consideration was up 70% among commercial prospects. Key brand attributes of “understands me” and “can get it done” were up more than 15%.


MERGE moved a commoditized category into deeper loyalty, connection, and meaning, speaking to the emotions while amplifying the importance of making things happen when customers most need them.

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First Tennessee / Horizon

MERGE deepened the notion that the transaction is also how customers see our clients: as part of their community.


Among a changing bank landscape of competitive entrants and resident transplants, we empowered First Tennessee Bank to reach their hearts into "the real Tennessee" connecting with "OUR people, OUR customers, and OUR community.

HarborOne Bank

We tell those stories that create emotion.


MERGE helped HarborOne see that the heart of their transaction was “You do you ... we'll do the banking.”


Knowing their customers' best interests means that they've got a life to live — and HarborOne wants them to live it.


Find your Harbor.