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Meeting Consumer Expectations During Surges in Demand

Through a paid search and shopping automated bid strategy, Altra Running saw huge revenue growth during the pandemic and changing market conditions.

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Due to social distancing and quarantine mandates during the onset of COVID in the U.S., running shoes experienced a surge in demand. Our client, Altra Running, needed a strategy that was able to adapt quickly to the changing market conditions. 


Thankfully, MERGE's paid media team had restructured the account to include a comprehensive automated bid strategy for their paid search and shopping campaigns in January 2020.

With this approach in place, Altra Running was automatically able to meet the surge in demand while beating their ROAS goals using Google's Search Ad 360 Auction-Time Bidding automation. This led to great revenue growth year-over-year in search and shopping during the peak season.  


The Altra Running SEM program saw a 161% increase in revenue through a strategic automated bid strategy.



Increase in revenue


Increase in ROAs


Increase in CVR