MarTech Strategy Integration

The list of tools you can add to your MarTech stack continues to grow each day, making the landscape very overwhelming. Your tech stack can either be very powerful— or a very expensive collection of underutilized tools.

We’ll help you figure out what you need and how to use your MarTech stack to solve your specific challenges. We’ll also make recommendations for new tools to improve your efficiency and advance your growth.

Our team is passionate about all things MarTech— we’re hands-on, constantly evaluating and learning new tools. Our goal is to help you simplify your MarTech stack and get the most value from it.

For clients with a well-defined tech stack, we offer MarTech strategies and design solutions to unleash the power of each of your tools. By designing solutions with the bigger picture – and complete stack in mind – our clients benefit from aligned processes and solutions.

MarTech Strategy Services

We’ll work with your team to:

- Develop a tech strategy and document your processes
- Integrate your tools seamlessly, ensuring data flows smoothly between all systems
- Conduct a thorough Marketo audit, identifying areas to improve performance
- Enable sales/marketing alignment
- Evaluate your current processes and optimize for efficiency
- Establish data and system governance
- Integrate Marketo across the Adobe Experience Cloud


Specialty MarTech Services: Data Compliance and Privacy Legislation

We live (and market!) in a compliance regulated world. From GDPR to CASL to CCPA, individual privacy and personal preferences have never been more important.

Often overlooked in compliance preparations and ongoing maintenance is the assembly of tools in your MarTech stack. According to GDPR definitions, any technology tool or provider that has access to your data is considered a “data processor” and each one must be GDPR compliant. And you are responsible for ensuring that they are.

Our GDPR, CASL and CCPA services include:

- MarTech compliance inventory and documentation
- Database audit and data normalization
- Data collection and subscription center audit
- Data processing evaluation and recommendations


You invest heavily in MarTech; ensure it’s not only compliant with privacy legislation requirements but it’s delivering value to your organization. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.