Automated Campaign Execution

Remove the manual work in Marketo campaign execution.

The campaign execution process is loaded with inefficiencies

According to research by Asana, marketers waste 60% of their time searching emails for information, communicating on the status of projects, or chasing people down for input and feedback.

For marketing operations, inefficiencies include the initial request back and forth, project communications, design, review, and approvals, — not to mention the multiple systems used to submit the request, gather feedback, and execute the campaign.

Take your time back, with Jeto.

Automate Marketo Campaign Execution

Using Jeto, even users without Marketo training can self-serve flawless campaigns. Here’s how:


- MOPs teams build Jeto guardrails to lock modules, set default values, character limits, and more.

- Users can then build their Marketo program from end-to-end inside Jeto. They even get a visual previews of assets.

- Jeto then automatically clones and populates the finished program.


All you’ll need to do is review and launch.

Integrate Your Entire Campaign Ops Stack

As part of Jeto’s API beta launch, we’re helping select candidates trigger campaign-related actions, tasks, and logs across your entire stack from one tool.

No more switching between applications, no more internal back and forth. Say goodbye to wasted hours and duplicate data entry.

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The Jeto API beta opens up many possibilities

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