Retail and eCommerce

Scale Your Retail Media Program


Retail media is programmatic advertising that serves ads on a specific retailer’s website to drive sales within that ecosystem. It is vital brands become experts in boosting visibility of their products within the digital retailers themselves before the market becomes flooded with competition—one could say retail media is still in its “wild west” stage. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on this new digital frontier!

Through retail media, brands become empowered to own their performance on eCommerce retailers. And at MERGEl, we have the bandwidth, partnerships and expertise to ensure you become the driver of your desired results.

How We Do It Better

Scale for Revenue Success

You may have set up a few products on a few retailers, but MERGE has the support and knowledge to strategically grow your program. Retail media is a great way to launch new products, but by scaling your program, you can deliberately target custom audiences, own key search terms that were previously difficult to optimize, and prioritize incremental sales.

Opportunity Analysis & Forecasting

Understanding the growth potential and opportunity for your products on a marketplace considers several variables. We help you forecast how much revenue you can drive through the products you already sell and the ones you want to list.

Retail Media Growth

We provide strategy for your retail media program, no matter if you want to reach high-intent shoppers or create sales velocity for seasonal products. We guide you through the process of evaluating your options such as if a traditional retailer would be best suited for your products or if delivery media is the direction you’d like to go.

Top-Tier Partnerships and Best-in-Class Technology

Partnerships and technology are crucial for retail media to be successful. Luckily, we have partnerships in place that can help you launch without a hitch. This coupled with our expertise can get your products in the top three placements—AKA where 90% of ad clicks take place.

Our technology and tools have flexible reporting for retail data integration, excel integration, and customizable dashboards so you know immediately what data looks like, what the performance means, and how you can pivot to yield top results.

Hands-on Execution

Our retail marketing team provides listing optimization, keyword research, and category intelligence. We assist with daypart bidding, product feed bidding management, and provide budget pacing recommendations so your team can forecast effectively. And of course, we optimize for visibility across paid and organic rankings.

The Impact We Make

MERGE creates test budgets, delivers execution, and provides strategy so you don’t have to question performance or worry about your advertising data. More brands are testing the Retail Media waters every day, but at least for now, CPCs are a fraction of any other marketplace, CVR is much higher, and our team is ready to launch your program.