Email & SMS Marketing Strategy Services

Comprehensive Email & SMS Strategies Built Around Data

MERGE's decades of experience coupled with deep knowledge of ESPs and audience tools enable us to develop customized marketing programs that stand out in the evolving world of email and SMS. Each message sent should be impactful and relevant to the consumer, and we take the time to build out strategies that resonate with your brand and your customers.

How We Do It Better

Acquisition and Awareness

By monitoring customer purchase history, email, SMS and social media engagement, and preference center choices, we analyze the how, when, and why your customer is interacting with your brand. These behaviors are pivotal to improving your digital direct programs.

Data-First Mindset

Let’s discover your subscribers’ behavior and preferences and interact with them on a more compelling and meaningful level. We let the data tell us what needs to be tested and optimized. With real-time views of your email & SMS program’s metrics we can make informed choices, enhance existing campaigns, and refine subscriber journeys.

Continually Testing, Optimizing, Analyzing

We don’t test to just test—we test to understand and grow performance. This means we are strategic, thoughtful, and impactful with our testing. We want to see a return on investment, which is why we are always improving and testing to see what is no longer working. We optimize your email & SMS programs to adhere to best practices, making sure no test results are wasted.

Email Innovation

Our email & SMS strategists stay on top of trends, so you don’t have to. We are continually learning about new AI technology to utilize, monitoring inbox deliverability, and researching new ways of incorporating real-time content. Whether this means personalized promotions, forecasted products, or localized information, we stay on the leading-edge of technology to elevate your email and SMS marketing strategy and program.


The Impact We Make

Our digital direct strategy focuses on being proactive, not reactive. Your email & SMS strategist is focused on simultaneously buttoning up your email program with best practices while pushing the envelope with email innovation.