Website Tag Management

All the Capture, None of the Drama


Your digital ecosystem needs a range of tags – typically one for each tool. From web analytics tags to media tags for display networks, social media platforms to paid search and affiliate platforms, tags are important. Website tag management needs accurate data to optimally function. That’s where our team of specialists comes in. Our Analytics team empowers your business to transform and leverage data-driven decision making by collecting the right data based on analyzing patterns and inputs to draw conclusions and insights. We help ensure that all tags, from the basic html image tags to the dynamic custom JavaScript tags, are firing at the right moment and collecting the right data.

How We Do It Better

We Speak Your Language

Our expertise comes from working directly with our clients to solve their specific needs. Accurate tagging is critical – tags are required to accomplish business objectives by fueling tools with the right data. We translate technical requirements documentation into well executed tagging, while answering questions and providing clarification along the way. We don’t outsource your projects or parse out work to offshore teams. We’re with you from start to finish.

A Team of Technical Users

When you work with MERGE for your website tag management, you are working with a team of highly skilled individuals, not just one person. Our team comes from a diverse background of web development, analytics, digital marketing, UX, and BI. This team environment ensures that all work is peer reviewed and each project is matched with resources who have relevant subject matter experience.

Understanding the Why Behind the What

One of the advantages to working with MERGE for your tag management needs is that we know firsthand how each tool will function with the information sent via tags. For starters, we know that custom event tags for Facebook can fuel audience segmentation and targeting, we know that the product attributes sent to your display platforms will fuel dynamic content, and we know that conversion data sent to your affiliate platform will be used to pay commissions. Insights like these allow our team to understand the nuance of tag placement and the right way to implement.

Utilizing Best in Class Tools

Our team executes tag management across a variety of different platforms, including Google Tag Manager, Tealium, and Signal. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are at the cutting edge of updates and releases within Google Tag Manager. This ensures our clients maximize the various features and capabilities native to each respective tag management tool – which improves efficiency and performance.

We are also an ObservePoint partner and have experience assisting clients in protecting their investment in tagging through tag monitoring.

The Impact We Make

Our experience and knowledge allow us to execute tag management with fewer errors, in less time, and with more collaboration than other providers. We’re always up to speed with the latest platform updates – helping you maximize data collection while minimizing load times. In short, we execute tag management with more subject matter expertise than a dedicated web developer, more technical skills than a marketer, and more collaboration and consulting than a tag management-only provider.