Data Science Consulting Services

Masters in Data

Data Science creates the opportunity to leverage data and make predictions, to make better strategic decisions, improve financial performance, vastly improve marketing performance, and deliver new, high-value products and services.

Data Science Consulting Services


We work to identify and leverage data from a variety of sources, whether from a web analytics platform, a point-of-sale systems, your inventory management platform, your CRM or CDP system, or any of your marketing platforms. Our Data Science team will works with you our clients to extract the right data and join disparate data sources and then customizing Machine Learning statistical models to predict future outcomes.

As companies are going through digital transformation, it is imperative to understand data modeling and the need that data be pulled out of silos and warehoused. By getting a holistic view and access to the data, then we can apply Data Science to answer these questions:


Will we reach our revenue target this quarter?
Which customers are most likely to churn?
What is the best media mix to achieve my goals for next quarter?
Which products will we be over-inventoried on at the end of the quarter?
Which products will I run out of inventory in the next 2 weeks?
What KPI could impact my conversion rate the most?
Which search terms aren’t driving as much revenue as they could be?
Which customer group should I target for this promotional offer?
Which customer group is likely to purchase without an incentive?

Data Science Process