Customer Value Segmentation

Your Customers Aren’t All Alike


Reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right message through the right channel – sounds great, but is it realistic? With the right partners, it can be…

MERGE taps into an experienced team of customer data analysts, armed with your existing tech stack and best-of-breed solutions that enhance your view of the consumers’ journey, to enable better marketing communications.

We take the legwork out of building customer segments and identify gaps in the path to purchase so you can target the right customers for your products. Understanding where your customers are in their buying journey, along with products or services that resonate with them, increases conversion rate, decreases churn, and improves overall customer lifetime value.

We leverage technology that provides propensity scores, or RFM/E analyses, automates customer lifetime value (LTV) vs. cost per customer acquisition (CPA or CAC) reporting, and assess opportunities within your customer base which optimizes our ability to target the right customer with the right product.

How We Do It Better

Tie It All Together

Your customers don’t interact with your brand through one marketing channel. Your customers interact with your brand across a variety of marketing channels, across multiple devices and purchase channels. MERGE understands your customer isn’t shopping in a marketing silo. We don’t simply look at your email list or your purchase file, we look at all of it!

By looking at more than your CRM file, we are able to not only segment your customers based on past purchase behavior, but also identify prospective customers and score both groups based on tendency to purchase, potential customer lifetime value, and likelihood of churn.


One of the biggest barriers to implementing a successful customer segmentation strategy is the ability to manage the segmentation strategy and execution at scale. Increased computing power and decreased cost of storing data has resulted in an overflow of available data which we leverage in segmentation. Machine learning provides the ability to get up-to-date customer segments in near real-time. These segments have been updated with the most recent customer behavior and purchase data so you can leverage your data accordingly.

The Impact We Make

The more accurate your customer segments are, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. We ensure that your segments are built off real-time accurate behavioral and purchase data. By doing this, we increase conversion and decrease customer churn.

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to acquire a new customer. Let machine learning make customer segmentation manageable.