Turning Insights into Actions

All the analysis in the world is wasted unless you’re willing to act on what you’ve learned. That’s where our conversion rate optimization service comes in. We have worked over the years with our clients to uncover UX friction points through quantitative data analysis. We have expanded our conversion rate optimization programs to include building an overall website optimization strategy, including detail plans on how to stage and execute experiments to improve conversion and reduce friction.

Leveraging our analytics services, we’ve helped clients improve their CRO using tactics from classic sitewide tests such as changing button colors, to more nuanced experiments to alter the experience for a specific segment of users. Partnering with our creative services team, we have the skills to significantly improve your site visitors’ experience and help drive continual conversion rate optimization.

How We Do It Better

Platform Agnostic Approach

While many CRO teams have partnered with one or maybe two tools, our team has operated in various platforms through the years, including Optimize, Dynamic Yield, Monetate, Qubit, Obtimizely and VWO.

While there are great features unique to each tool, we also understand the fundamentals of a Conversion Rate Optimization program are universal and consist of:

Funnel-Based Focus

Everyone clearly wants to lift overall conversion rate for their site, be it an ecommerce transaction, or a white paper download. But there are usually many steps on that path to conversion. Instead of solely focusing on the overall sitewide conversion metric, we break down experiment design by funnel step, to understand and measure outcomes based on what step of the funnel they are designed to impact. So, while a test to alter the add to bag CTA will impact overall conversion rate and that’s important to measure, the more telling success metric will be the cart-to-detail rate. Designing a CRO program this way helps teams stay focused, design more impactful experiments, and measure what matters.

Analysis Beyond Tool Reported Outcomes

Every platform has unique measurement and reporting capabilities that help inform decisions about winners and incremental lift to conversion rates. However, our CRO programs are built to capitalize on existing web analytics platforms (e.g. Google Analytics) to ensure that there is still one source of truth for onsite outcomes. This also allows us to include any tagged micro-moment (e.g. scroll depth, nav clicks, video plays) in our analysis.

Segmented Insights

It’s important to understand that on site experiences may work well for some groups of visitors, and not so well for others. Ensuring that analysis dives into segments that make up the overall test group is crucial for a successful CRO program. For example, we may see that changing the size selection field to a drop-down selection vs button selection lifts cart-to-detail on mobile, but not desktop. While experiments often start with a more universal theory on experience, analysis should lead the way to more and more tailored experiences

The Impact We Make

In working closely with our brand teams to capitalize on their qualitative data, in conjunction with the robust quantitative data we help collect, our team impacts conversion rates for numerous clients. With our extensive set of client data, our team can identify funnel-based metrics that have the most opportunity for improvement when compared to benchmarks and prioritize testing focus to drive results. As a digital agency we know that driving qualified traffic to a site, is only part of the battle for conversions. Let our team help play a strategic role in delivering more frequent and decisive victories.