Domo Implementation & Consulting Services

Domo Partner of the Year 2021


As a certified Domo Strategic Partner, MERGE turns your data into insights that elevate your business. Whether you are exploring new Business Intelligence platforms, deploying and implementing Domo to a new division of your company, or looking for a custom app to solve a unique challenge, our team is here to help.


How We Work with Domo


We build card-based solutions and develop custom Apps to accelerate the time to value for our customers. By designing a specific strategy for each Domo implementation or consulting project, we help our clients navigate the vast potential that Domo offers. By focusing our efforts on your unique challenges, we bring immediate value to your organization.

Our Team


Our teams pride themselves on bringing your business questions to life with data visualizations. Whether that is a new implementation of the Domo platform, enabling one of our Domo Apps, building additional solutions within your Domo instance, or developing a custom application, our team is at the ready.

Team includes; Domo certified Business Consultants, Technical Consultants, and fully Accredited Analysts that are ready to help you unlock the full potential of Domo.

How We Help


Domo Implementations – Our fully certified and accredited team can help you deploy Domo, connect to hundreds of data sources, and build solutions that breathe life into your data. We also help you build momentum inside your organization to foster adoption from the Business Analyst all the way to the top Executives.

Domo Apps – Over the past 15 years we have identified key business questions that are similar across our client base. After trying to craft answers to these questions in Excel, we created a series of custom Apps published directly in the Domo platform. These Apps can be deployed quickly to take the analysis burden off your staff and bring immediate insight to your business.

Major Domo Consulting – We know it takes a village to launch a new way of thinking about your business. With Domo, we transform the way your business views data, consumes data, and accelerates decisions. But we don’t just set it and forget it, we provide on-going consulting as your team gets up to speed. Think of MERGE as your ‘Major Domo’ to help you gain traction as new solutions are deployed. We provide Domo consulting resources to your team for a few months or as long as you need.