Marketplace Strategy

Increase Your Sales Performance on all Marketplaces


Today's customers are going to marketplace platforms like Amazon and eBay to begin their shopping journeys. Amazon has shown itself to be the dominant player with over 50% of shoppers beginning their searches on its storefront and conversions happening at a rate 4x higher than average eCommerce sites.

At MERGE, we help you navigate the expanding marketplace landscape to improve an existing Amazon marketing strategy or successfully launch your products on Amazon.

How We Do It Better

Marketplace Evaluation

Whether you’re on a marketplace like Amazon or looking to get started, there are many considerations to think about. We guide you through the process of evaluating your marketplace options, uncover details about fulfillment capabilities, and provide you with key insights on marketplace trends so you can make your next move.

Opportunity Analysis & Forecasting

Understanding the growth potential and opportunity for your products on a marketplace considers several variables. We help you forecast how much revenue you can drive through the products you already sell and the ones you want to list.

Marketplace Expansions

Platforms like Amazon provide several expansions and opportunities to enhance your products. We have experience in doing cost analysis for Subscribe and Save, determining if bundling products would provide incremental revenue, and understanding other capabilities in the platform.

Hands-On Execution

It’s one thing to make a recommendation and another to get into each platform and make a change. Our team is fully equipped to make updates to A+ Content, Brand Stores, product listing copy, and other editable areas within the various marketplaces.

Platform Fluency

Marketplaces support a whole ecosystem of other tools. Our team works closely with many third-party tools, like Channel Advisor, 4C, Teika Metrics, and can work with you on your implementation and marketplace tool suite expansion.

The Impact We Make

A major part of our marketplace strategy service involves transferring our knowledge to you and your team to help everyone understand how marketplaces work and the effects our programs can have to improve both your sales and profits.

Through detailed forecasts and marketplace analysis, MERGE gives you the confidence that your marketplace programs will grow.

Our activities increase the conversion rate on individual products. With product listing features like A+ content, utilizing well-written, informational copy, brands can see a 3-10% lift in CVR.