Marketplace Listings Optimization

Increase Your Product’s Marketplace Visibility and Get Exceptional Results


Let’s break through the noise and use marketplace listing optimizations to get your products found with our omni-channel digital marketing strategies.


Marketplace search relies on algorithms to match relevant products to a customers’ search query, making it ripe for optimization. Factors such as degree of keyword match, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product listings appear in search results. To make sure your products are visible, your product listings need to be well optimized with the keywords customers are using to discover and talk about products like yours.

Using marketplace specific data, like Amazon keyword search volume and metrics shared from other digital channels, our team will define the marketplace and Amazon listing optimization approach that’s right for your business. We do it all, including identifying optimal keyword targets and writing search-optimized copy updates for product titles, features’ lists, descriptions, and even back-end data fields that aren’t customer facing.


How We Do It Better


Cross-Channel Data


Not all keywords perform the same – and the same query can return very different results across search engines. In fact, the right strategy for appearing in marketplace search is likely different than that of your eCommerce channel. Being masters of all aspects of digital marketing, we utilize cross-channel data to inform marketplace optimization and deploy a marketplace-specific keyword approach that drives results.


Data Driven Strategy


Listings optimizations don’t happen just once. We come up with a strategy, optimize, implement, review and repeat – acting on data to better position your products. That data reveals ways to increase traffic, improve click-through rate on listings, and lift conversion through ongoing marketplace optimizations.


Implementation Experts


Whether it’s Amazon, eBay or another marketplace, once your listing optimizations are ready to be implemented, we’re there to do the heavy lifting. Our team is well versed in each platform and can make one-off updates or even bulk uploads for large scale changes.


The Impact We Make


If your listings aren’t well optimized, they won’t be found. Many marketplaces, especially Amazon, are getting heavily inundated with competition making it increasingly difficult to hold top positions. With a well-defined listings optimization strategy in place, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting found and convert that visibility to sales.