Marketplace Advertising

Ensure Your Product Listings Stand Out

With the ever-increasing percentage of consumers first going to online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart not only to purchase products but also to perform initial research, it is essential to ensure your listings stand out. Blue Moon Digital works with you to find the optimal campaign initiatives that best fit your objectives and KPIs. From evergreen to Prime Day listings, we are here to help every step of the way.

How We Do It Better

Holistic Approach to Advertising

With most marketplace auctions being keyword-based, we can utilize learnings already gathered from similar channels (like SEO and paid search) to inform decisions. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have experts in every digital channel to identify and analyze your marketplace product offerings to optimize your sales performance.

Placement Strategy

Not all products are created equally, and neither are marketplaces. Part of maintaining a strong and efficient advertising presence on any marketplace is identifying what fits where. We work with you to determine product margins and allowable return levels for each individual product. Based on where they lie, we can then decide which bidding model (PPC, CPA) and marketplace fits best.

Product Lifecycle

Chances are your products are at different stages of their lifecycle. Evergreen products that drive a high volume of traffic and sales need to be treated differently than the new seasonal item that requires some extra attention. Through promotions and different campaign types, we build a strategy to best service the goals laid out for each product.

Paid Ad Tool Support

Advertising in a marketplace can be a complicated process. We like to make it efficient as possible to get the business results you need. We partner with a wide offering of third-party tools that help do just that, whether it be through bid optimizations, inventory management, or data analysis and insights.

The Impact We Make

Our team utilizes a multitude of information tools to develop an informed strategy, while also having the agility to maneuver in real-time to provide what you need to effectively navigate marketplaces.