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Unlocking Holiday Retail Success: The Definitive Email and SMS Checklist for Retailers

MERGE has compiled the definitive email and SMS checklist for retailers during the holiday shopping season

BY: Melissa Shearer

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2023

Ready to supercharge your retail brand's holiday marketing strategy? The holiday season offers a golden opportunity to make a significant impact on your customers. But we understand the challenge of standing out amidst the holiday marketing noise. To help, MERGE has compiled a handy email and SMS holiday checklist, a comprehensive guide designed to help retailers unlock the full potential of email and SMS marketing during the holiday shopping season. By following the actionable steps and proven strategies we've outlined, brands can elevate their holiday marketing efforts, boost sales, and enhance customer engagement.

With a detailed checklist for each month leading up to January, plus additional tips and insights on content, email deliverability, and audience segmentation, this guide will ensure you're well-prepared to navigate the holiday rush.

Let MERGE be your trusted partner in preparing for the holiday shopping season. Download our guide today to transform your holiday marketing strategy into a smashing success!



The definitive email and SMS checklist for retailers.