Top 10 Strategic Imperatives for Launching A New Brand Promise

If you are passionate about marketing, you know that the name of the game is VALUE – how your organization can deliver market-driven value better than the next guy, resulting in meaningful business impact. Today, VALUE is being defined differently to include new expectations of convenience, simplicity, real-time information and believe it or not – an emotional exchange of purpose and meaning.

BY: Kellie Bliss EVP Chief Client Officer

PUBLISHED: 10/15/2019

In healthcare, we hear about consumerism because it is the simplest way to convey the sense of urgency required to evolve our healthcare model and experience; mostly, for internal stakeholders.  The truth is – consumerism has always existed in healthcare.  It’s just that now voices are louder and the competitive influences and alternatives greater.  So, it is time.  Time for one of the most progressive and innovative causes of science to share with the world the WHAT, WHY & HOW of their uniqueness – its VALUE or brand promise.  At our agency, we focus on delivering textbook case studies in brand development and rebrand initiatives.  Not sure what is the most important next step? Consider these Top 10 Strategic Imperatives for Launching A New Brand Promise.


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The Top 10 Strategic Imperatives for Launching a New Brand Promise

1. Customer-First, Always. When in doubt, the question “What’s in the Best Interest of our Customer” will give you the answer you need.


2. Prioritize Your Customer Segments. Leverage primary or secondary data to better understand your market beyond your current patient base. Understand attitudes, beliefs, motivations, behaviors for actionable and prioritized segments.


3. Know Your Brand Equities & Your Competitors. Research your brand equities against the competitors and test any new identity strategies both internally and externally. Don’t guess.


4. Focus Improves Impact. Define clear objectives and one or two critical KPIs with a measurement and analytics plan.


5. A Brand Promise Must Be Lived. Prioritize internal engagement, define internal metrics and measure progress regularly. Motivate operational change to bring the promise to life through service, product and marketing innovation.


6. Grassroots Cascade & Training Jump Starts Activation. Simple brand promise “tool kits” can empower local leaders and improve communication, credibility, belief and motivation among your internal stakeholders and team members.


7. Don’t Boil the Ocean. Define a plan that seeks to accomplish one primary goal at a time with a roll-out or phased approach for the complete plan.


8. Leverage a Brand Scorecard with Leadership Incentives. Build your brand scorecard including operational measures in goals that are shared across leadership and tied to incentives.


9. Your Most Important Job is Internal Alignment. A strategic and systematic approach to Internal sell-in is vital to success.


10. Don’t Wait for Perfect. Facebook hangs posters that say “Move fast and break things.” Find the balance between thoughtfulness and speed knowing that there is rarely a perfect moment when all stars align. Create the right foundation that will allow you to flex and optimize as you go. This is a beginning without a finish line and that is what makes it so exciting.