The Future is Bright for Marketo Users in 2022

BY: Lindsay Fay

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2022

As a Marketo user, when was the last time you received a survey about your experience using the product? It had been a while for us– and this was our inspiration behind developing the annual Marketo User Study.

The idea that ignited it all was what if we were to create a study (with Adobe’s consent) that would empower the Marketo community with insights they can use to benchmark against? And better yet, could the results influence or even help drive Marketo’s product roadmap?

Then, there is the burning question: are Marketo users happy with the tool as a whole?

📈 In fact, we did find that on a scale of 1-10 for the question, “how likely are you to recommend Marketo to others who work in marketing operations,” the average rating was 8.4.

As Marketo consultants, we are biased with our love for Marketo. We can’t imagine a world where users aren’t obsessed with the tool like we are, and not to mention, our happy clients! But, there is always room for improvement and perhaps we could help bring this to life with our study.


Shaping the future of Marketo Engage


In partnership with Adobe, we executed the Marketo User Study with the unified mission to empower the Marketo community with insights. We developed questions that fell under six categories:

  • Marketo users
  • Product
  • Utilization
  • Business objectives
  • Integrations
  • Marketing operations.


“The community showed up in support of the initiative. With 207 responses in the inaugural year of the study, Marketo users dedicated an average of 24 minutes to complete the survey. In typical MOps fashion, the questions received a careful eye despite the 10-minute completion time estimate. Participants were diligent in answering the open-ended questions and we are impressed with the caliber of feedback provided,” said John Francis, VP of Demand Generation at MERGE.

A look at the participants


This was an experienced bunch, with the vast majority having more than four years of experience using Marketo, primarily from the Technology industry but spanned across a variety of company sizes. 35.6 percent of participants work in organizations with 1,000+ employees, and we found 86 percent are in mid to senior-level positions.

Marketo User Study firmographics

Rather than release a 95-page report with the results, our plan is to release a few reports driven from the data throughout the year. As we continue distributing the study year after year, we will be able to pull together trended data and the value to the community will increase exponentially.

The first report focuses on how Marketo users are prioritizing their work in 2022. We’re calling this our Predictions Report– where you’ll find our top ten call-outs for 2022.


A sneak peek of our predictions for Marketo users in 2022


💡 But wait…there’s more! (Seven more, to be exact). Download the full predictions report here.


#1: Marketo utilization will increase


If one thing is true, it’s that Marketo shows no sign of slowing down. Our study found that in the coming year, 66.7 percent of respondents report they will increase utilization for Marketo features and capabilities.

These are the two leading capabilities that respondents plan to continue or start using in 2022:

  • Content personalization: Presenting best-fit content for one-on-one experiences and maintaining personalization at scale using AI.
  • Marketing data environment: Enriching and segmenting AI-powered audiences using integrated profiles and engagement history.


We also found these functions to be the most popular amongst respondents:

marketing operations word chart

#2: Marketo’s influence on business growth is on the rise


We already know that Marketo is a powerful tool that accelerates growth, but just how crucial is it to business growth? We found it’s a non-negotiable, with 79 percent of respondents reporting that Marketo has been important or extremely important to their business growth in the last 12 months.

This percentage jumps to 89.8 percent when asked about Marketo’s role in the coming year’s growth. And it doesn’t end there! 71.4 percent of respondents report experience automation has a high or extremely high impact on their business growth in the last 12 months.


#3 Marketo users are confident about meeting their business goals in the coming year


With 79 percent of respondents reporting that they feel confident about meeting business goals in the coming year, we predict that Marketo will continue to play a significant role in business growth.

As if you needed more proof, we found that 72.7 percent of respondents answered “yes” when asked if they have seen a lift in revenue as a result of using Marketo.

empowered marketing professionals

Unlock the remaining seven predictions


Find out…

  • If sales teams are feeling empowered with Marketo
  • How deeply iPaaS has been integrated
  • How users really feel about attribution technology

And more! Download the full predictions report here.


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