Sub-Zero Integrates Adobe Analytics with Marketo to Enable Complex Lead Scoring

PUBLISHED: 9/6/2019

As the head of marketing operations, you’ve probably heard it all too often from your sales counterparts, “We need better leads!”  Traditionally, the solution to improve lead quality is to adjust your scoring criteria, often negatively impacting the volume of leads. On top of this, if you’re like many marketers, you may want to listen for a broader range of behaviors than is captured by the standard Marketo triggers. In short, you have a dilemma on your hands: desired behaviors vs. quality of leads vs. volume. Surely, there must be a better scoring solution.

Integrating Customer Experiences with Marketing Technology

In the era of personalization, visitors expect richer digital experiences. Your lead scoring and web interface need to evolve together, or you’ll find yourself missing out on new opportunities to enrich buyer profiles with contextual data. Take this scenario, for example.

Let’s say, a known lead — a director of a company with 5,000 employees — visits your website and views more than 75% of a video embedded on your landing page. With native Marketo triggers — like ”visited a web page, filled a form, clicked a link” — in place, you’d be limited to capturing and scoring off of only the “visited a web page” event. There would be no way for you (out of the box) to discover if she engaged with your video content.

Ideally, if a lead has viewed your video, you’d want your marketing automation tool to capture that data and give her a higher score, right? But, being constrained by the traditional actions within Marketo implies your sales team now lacks the necessary context and foundation to help shorten their sales cycle.

How then do you capture this granular data? And, can you connect it to your lead scoring campaigns within Marketo to potentially deliver more relevant leads, faster? Luxury appliance leader Sub-Zero posed this exact question to us.

Sub-Zero’s Vision to Transform Lead Scoring

Sub-Zero, the industry leader in premium refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing, is a long-standing client of Perkuto.

With the new website launch, Cyndi Marty, Digital Marketing Manager – CRM, Sub-Zero Group, Inc. came to the Perkuto team with a vision to dynamically track visitor behavior and interactions site-wide, and then sync to their lead scoring program in Marketo.

Cyndi said the website frontend revamp included “a whole new set of user interactions like favoriting products and sharing them— high indicators of purchase probability.” She added, “We wanted to score off of these specific user interactions without being limited by standard Marketo triggers.”

Cyndi went on to explain the new site features are interactive components on the Sub-Zero website that don’t traditionally log web page link clicks when someone interacts with them. Web page visit behavior is also not enough of an indicator; specifically, Sub-Zero wanted to track visitors who:

  • Favorited a product
  • Compared different products
  • Emailed product information


To build this vision, Perkuto’s Solutions Architect and Lead Developer customized javascript from the Munchkin API to tie Adobe events to Marketo scoring.

Under the Marketo Hood

Whenever someone completes one of the actions associated with an Event ID that is included in the javascript and causes the Adobe analytics event to fire on the web page, the corresponding scoring campaign is also triggered. The javascript logs a Clicks Link on Webpage activity to the person record, triggering the scoring campaign. There is an individual smart campaign for each action, as the score values differ as well.

Additionally, by incorporating an array of common event ID’s in the scripting, Wang enabled the script to listen for the specific event IDs on any page of the website. The script was written in such a way that it could be deployed across the entire website, without having different scripts placed on specific pages. This makes it easier to scale and manage the script. Each time the team wants to score off of a new event ID firing on a web page, the script is adjusted to include the new event ID.
By connecting two core technologies, Sub-Zero anticipates more relevancy between user website and showroom visits not to mention qualifying leads faster and with more focused follow-up. All in all, a better customer experience.