Meet Jeto

Meet the app that lets anyone launch Marketo campaigns, at scale, with zero risk

BY: Alexandre Pelletier

PUBLISHED: 4/30/2018

Jeto Software to Demo at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

Marketers who want to launch more Marketo campaigns faster finally have a solution to quickly and easily scale marketing operations without any risk or complexity. Jeto allows businesses to delegate campaign creation and launch activities to any team member, including non-technical users without prior experience. Demos of the app will be at Booth 441 at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco.

Intimo Lingerie Grows Database from 0 to 50,000 Customers with Jeto

At Intimo Lingerie, an Australia-based direct-selling company with over 2,000 self-employed fitting specialists organizing 1,500 monthly in-home sales events and lingerie fittings per month, Jeto has effectively grown the email database from nothing to more than 50,000 customers in mere months.

“Using Jeto, we can let our fitting specialists easily create and deploy large marketing campaigns,” said Matt Varone, Intimo’s Digital Marketing Manager.


“Intuitive and easy to use, an independent fitting specialist can simply enter event information into an external form, which will trigger a series of automated campaigns that our in-house Sales team has generated, intended to build consumer demand before and after a sales event. And Jeto supports hundreds of users, so we could quickly deploy it to all of our fitting specialists without having to worry about a steep learning curve or other issues that typically come along with adopting new technology. They just had to fill out a form.”

Intimo’s results with Jeto have been stellar. “Even I couldn’t have imagined what was going to come out if it,” said Varone. “We’re ramping up and building scale at the level that is unprecedented and unexpected.” Intimo’s marketable database has grown from zero customers to 50,000 customers in months and is estimated to be at 80,000 before the end of 2018.

Benefits of Jeto

Jeto has a number of benefits for marketing teams interested in leveraging the power of Marketo without the complexity and risk associated with allowing non-technical users to have access. Jeto provides a structure in which to scale marketing operations, allowing more people to run more high-quality, error-free campaigns, without requiring additional support and resources from the marketing ops team.


This scalable structure—more people executing more campaigns—ultimately leads to more revenue, another undeniable benefit. And because campaigns can be created and launched faster, and by people at all levels of the organization—including those whose pay rates fall at the lower end of the scale—campaign production fees and associated costs can be reduced, saving money.

With Jeto, anyone can fill out a form and launch a beautiful campaign within minutes, allowing the marketing team to give access in total confidence to field marketers, HR, support or product teams or even partners outside your organization.

“Over the years, many of our clients have told us that Marketo is simply too powerful for them to hand over to beginners, independent reps or even certain teams without worrying about major setbacks occurring, which is a reasonable concern,” said Alexandre Pelletier, EVP of Platforms at MERGE, makers of Jeto.


“We created Jeto to make marketing automation accessible to anyone, to bridge the gap between marketing automation and having enough information and knowledge to put together a campaign without needing to know all of the mechanics behind it.”

How Jeto Works

In Jeto, users are able to choose from a pre-set list of available campaigns, including emails, events, webinars and even SMS campaigns. Once a user selects a campaign, they fill out a simple web form with the information necessary to populate their campaign. Jeto then uses the Marketo API to launch the campaign in the business’ Marketo instance, all without ever giving the user access to Marketo.

About Jeto

With a simplified user interface and structured validation/approbation workflow, Jeto helps marketing teams scale campaign execution by enabling non-technical people to create and launch marketing campaigns without ever needing to step foot inside their marketing automation software. Visit to learn more.


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