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AI and The New Frontier Of Healthcare Adherence

AI is transcending the bounds of what’s possible to revolutionize healthcare. The MERGE team explores how the blend of technology and empathy are reshaping the future of patient adherence

BY: MERGE Life Sciences Team

PUBLISHED: 5/2/2024

The potential of AI no longer resides solely on pages of science fiction – it is quickly becoming an essential element in the reality of modern medicine, revolutionizing how medications are consumed and healthcare is delivered. From predictive intelligence to personalized nudges, technology – and specifically AI – is having a profound impact across the life sciences value chain, reshaping patient care in unprecedented ways.

In a recent article published on PM360, MERGE EVP and Chief Architect Joo Serk Lee examines the challenges and opportunities in navigating the future of patient adherence, from leveraging predictive analytics, to blending analog and digital solutions in the "phygital" realm, to dissecting the practical implications of AI-driven adherence programs, balancing the need for security, privacy, and human connection. 

Get the full story from Lee, and explore the possibilities AI offers for enhancing healthcare outcomes while remaining grounded in the fundamental principles of trust, familiarity, and empathy.


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