We Promote Health, Wealth & Happiness

Our health clients save lives. Our financial clients change lives. Our consumer clients make lives happier. At MERGE, the clients we serve show the change we want to make in the world.


Wrapping stories around molecules

Pharma & Biotech

Connecting science to real life in measurable ways.


Turning coverage into confidence

Health Insurance

We know your business instinctively and show up ready to play.


Spreading the art of healing

Health Providers

Coordinating across multiple agencies to build effective strategies and experiences for your audiences.


Tech that becomes one with us

Medical Devices

Our technology IQ and track record in device commercialization strategies help clients change the healthcare landscape in meaningful ways for patients.



Turning transactions into action

Cards & Payments

Flawless execution. Personalization at scale. Millions of communications a year. That’s the standard we’ve set for our clients in the payments industry.


Building peace of mind, piece of market


Insurance is a promise, and a promise is the beginning of powerful storytelling. Through our work with some of the largest insurance companies, we’ve honed how to tell those stories and how to deliver them.


Transacting for your best interest


We thrive in the challenger space. We know how to create differentiation and tell compelling stories, whether you’re a multistate regional or a credit union seeking to break through.


Sharing our growth mindset

Asset Management

We have experience with clients in every corner of the asset management world, from large retirement providers to environmental, social and governance (ESG) innovators.



Eating with the eyes


We've been known to overdeliver. Through thoughtful strategy, deep analytics and an omnichannel approach, we've helped accelerate growth for regional and national brands.


Putting humanity at the center


By constructing a digital strategy to integrate your platforms — helping optimize data and communicate with customers effectively — we maximize your investment in platforms, igniting them to operate at their best.


Converting shoppers into buyers


Our deep retail experience has accelerated brands’ digital transformation and helped them thrive in a disrupted shopping landscape.


De-commoditizing by differentiating


We help challenger brands focus on storytelling to overcome the Goliath in their categories. We do it through strategic rigor, breakthrough creative and a relentless focus on the consumer.