Five Tips For Giving Access to the Marketo Calendar

PUBLISHED: 9/4/2014

This summer, Marketo released the long awaited Marketing Calendar. As of this week, however, you can only assign five users to access the Calendar. Who should receive this license, and what can they do with it? We've outlined five suggestions to leverage this valuable tool.

1. Review User Access to Marketo

Before you assign a Calendar License, take the time to review who has access to what in your Marketo instance. If you are an Administrator, navigate to the Admin section and click on Users and Roles to see who has access to the specific sections of your database.

Do you have an intern who has access to every part of Marketo? Is there a designer who for some reason, has Lead Database privileges? In addition to restricting access to a limited number of people, it is a best practice to give each person one Role only.

Marketo Marketing Calendar

Also, do not delete users who have done previous work in your instance; this way you can still see what work they did in Marketo. Keep in mind Marketo has also updated user permissions to include

  • Access Revenue Explorer
  • Import List
  • Activate Trigger Campaign
  • Schedule Batch Campaign

2. Assign One Admin User to Marketing Calendar

At least one Admin User should have access to the Marketing Calendar. This way if anything needs to be changed, updated, or removed, they can easily check the schedule view and make the necessary adjustments.

Marketo Marketing Calendar

3. Give the Events Team Access

Your events team should have access to the Marketing calendar. Creating a multi-touch events campaign can be tough to schedule properly, and keep track of all the many moving parts that can contribute to it's success. The Marketing Calendar, provides quick, visual look at how your event is scheduled, and you can create custom entries to keep track of additional items, such as scheduling transportation and sending materials to the printer.

4. Will the User Find the Calendar Valuable?

Before assigning a license, consider if the user will find this helpful or detrimental for their everyday work. While the calendar can be a powerful tool, it may not be necessary for those who only use the Design Studio, or send an occasional one-off email. Consider users who oversee larger sections of your team, have the most recent login dates, or those in the tool most often. Licenses can be changed any time, so review the feature with the assigned users after a few months to gather feedback and decide if it's necessary.

Marketo Marketing Calendar

5. License a Senior Marketing Leader

Provide the individual who oversees all marketing campaigns access to the marketing calendar. This may be the CMO or someone who reports directly to them. This is especially true when you have different parts of your marketing team in different locations and time zones.


This will allow them to see any conflicts with different parts of your team, and resolve any overlaps in process, and gives them visibility in what each team is doing. This way they can notice if there is too much of one type of marketing (say, direct mail or email blasts) saturating your leads.


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