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Luxury Appliance Brand Pushes the Boundaries of Everyday Capabilities in Marketo

With product launch season fast approaching, a client was looking to ramp up email communications and efficiently execute nurture campaigns. MERGE was there to guide them every step of the way.

BY: Lindsay Fay

PUBLISHED: 12/14/2022

A staggering 77% experience challenges with team members having the appropriate level of training in Marketo.

On top of that, resourcing talent was the second operational weakness amongst Marketo experts in 2022 (2022 Marketo User Study).

When our client, a luxury appliance brand, came to us, they were experiencing similar pains – they had lost team members and as a result, were struggling with bandwidth.

As a full-service Marketo agency, MERGE stepped in to fill the gaps on their marketing operations team, spanning from creative projects like designing email templates to more technical tasks like developing region-specific nurture programs.

The Problem

With product launch season around the corner, our client was looking to ramp up email communications and efficiently execute nurture campaigns. Since the marketing operations team falls under the lead generation team, they had specific goals and numbers to hit in Q2 and Q3. This meant there was no time to waste.

Our client needed a flexible resource to help with a variety of marketing operations projects in these three areas:

- Campaign execution
- Landing page and email template development
- Day-to-day operations


The Search

Our team has grown and evolved with this client throughout our seven-year relationship. That’s why it was a no-brainer when they called in the support of MERGE after experiencing staffing shortages on their marketing operations team.

The Solution

MERGE was able to seamlessly integrate into our client’s team. MERGE took the lead on collaborating with their Sales Ops and IT team so that their small but mighty marketing operations team didn’t have to serve as the middleman. Our team also provided training and extra assistance to new staff members.

The main projects that MERGE worked on were the video nurture campaigns, product launch emails and landing pages, and a variety of ongoing projects.

Region-Specific Video Nurture Campaigns

Our team helped launch the client’s East-specific nurture program. Since our client has showrooms across the country, the East-specific nurture was designed for their showrooms on the East coast.

During the project kickoff, while reviewing the Mid-Atlantic nurture, minor issues were noted and updated to rectify broken links and poor user experience.

MERGE developed the following for this project:

- 4 emails built
- 11 Segments updated
- 3 new landing pages
- 1 existing landing page updated


Product Launch

Our team also executed updates to emails and landing pages to correspond with the product launch. MERGE also developed a new email for the new product launch.

Ongoing projects

In terms of ongoing projects, our team assisted in several areas:

- Lead Origin Team field: Developed a program that updates the Lead Origin Team field for leads that the Lead Origin is marketing and further utilizes attribution codes to indicate which Marketing Department generated each specific lead.
- Builders and Developer edits: Edits to the existing locator form to include Builders and Developers on top of the Consumer and Trade options. This also included a custom solution of smart campaigns to keep fields clean and accurate without adding too many additional fields
- Marketo audit: Identified areas for improvement in their Marketo instance and assisted with ongoing cleanup.


Creative Services

Lastly, our creative services team developed the following:

- Developed a new template for the Kitchen Design Video Journey Nurtures
- Made updates to Email Templates by combining two templates into one new version
- Optimized GIFs and assisted with HTML edits


The Results

Above all, the biggest impact was the ability to keep the day-to-day business running. MERGE helped the client run more efficiently and directed its marketing operations strategy.

Not to mention, our client also adapted Jeto, which enabled them to increase email sends and reduce SLA by 50%.

The Final Takeaway

How has MERGE changed the way you leverage Marketo?

"For me, I’m not day-to-day in the weeds, meaning I’m not up to speed on what’s new and available in Marketo," said our client. "MERGE has become that voice for us.”

Our client put their trust in the MERGE team, and as a result, they now feel empowered to take on anything that’s thrown their way, despite any skill sets that may be lacking on their team. By partnering with a full-service Marketo agency, they are able to fill any gaps, whether it’s a technical gap, creative gap, or simply a bandwidth gap.

We’ll leave the final words to our client:

"MERGE's help enabled us to keep the lights on. Without them, our marketing operations efforts would have been brought to a halt."


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