How To Build An In-Email Survey In Marketo

BY: Jordan Stoffmaker

PUBLISHED: 4/6/2017

One of the most effective ways to disseminate a survey is using email; the process rarely changes, sending a mass mailer out to your database, directing them to a landing page with a form, and based on answers there is some sort of follow up.


However, low clickthrough rates to the landing page mean that these surveys are often left largely unfilled. Enter, the in-email survey.

In-Email Survey

One of the best ways around this is to create an in-email survey, in which you actually embed the survey into the email. However, due to the complexities of email clients, this is not always possible or sustainable.


For a single-question survey; like an NPS survey, email subscription opt-in, or event confirmation; we have come up with a surefire way to start the survey in the email.

So, how do we do it in Marketo?

First, you’re going to need to come up with your survey question. For this example, we will be asking our database if they prefer an Amazon gift card, Starbucks gift card, or iTunes gift card in our holiday email. We will create a custom field called holidaygiftcard in Marketo and block field updates, preventing a lead from changing choices.

Second, you’re going to need some assets in Marketo; the email itself, a confirmation landing page, or a confirmation email.

Third, you’re going to need a program in Marketo that wraps the process up. Because this is a single-question survey with a confirmation landing page making use of a URL parameter to write the value to the correct field.


When a lead clicks a link going to the landing page, a trigger campaign will write their choice to the record based on the link that was clicked. And there you have it, you have just created a simple Marketo survey program that did not require the use of multiple additional fields, additional assets, and additional time spent building.


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