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"I am Jimmy" Wins MediaPost's Most Creative Award 2020

PUBLISHED: 3/12/2021

MERGE is proud to announce the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute I am Jimmy integrated campaign was selected as the Creative category winner in MediaPost’s Creative Media Awards 2020. The integrated campaign was also recognized as a finalist in two categories for Creative & Media Plan.


The MediaPost Creative Media Awards recognize the most creative approaches to media in the industry. The awards program aims to express the belief that media — the process of buying, planning and strategy — is every bit as creative as depicting storyboards for a print or TV ad campaign.


With hundreds of international submissions, only one winner is selected across each of the 19 total categories. Judging is composed of a panel of industry experts who must decide the work that was most effective at conveying the “idea” and how the idea drove the campaign. The submissions showcase best-in-class work happening in the industry worldwide. 


The Creative category is defined as the best creative execution or creative direction of advertising content by a media agency. The Media Plan category is defined as the most creative integrated plan across three or more advertising media. 


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