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PUBLISHED: 10/13/2020

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MERGE, a premium storytelling technology company, received multiple awards at the virtual 2020 MM+M Awards.  The MM&M (Medical, Marketing & Media) Awards recognizes the most creative and effective healthcare marketing in the industry. Winners were chosen by a panel of over 70 judges in healthcare marketing, publishing, and service industries. Winning entries included:



MERGE + Brigham Health, Where There's A Will - Use of Hospital or Healthcare Services Marketing



After struggling to manage multiple agency partners and grow both brand awareness and patient volume in a highly competitive marketplace, Brigham Health decided to consolidate its media and creative work with MERGE. We in turn developed a unified creative platform to set Brigham Health apart from the competition and developed a media strategy across 15 different corporate, service line, and network lines of business. In addition to building overall awareness and reputation of the hospital, we contributed to growth in surgical volume for high-end secondary, tertiary and quaternary cases, resulting in a 10% lift in unaided awareness, 12% increase in preference, and 15% increase in appointment conversion rates yielding positive ROAS across service lines.




MERGE + BVI, CustomEyes Configurator - Professional Sales Tool



BVI manufactures, sells and distributes ophthalmic devices across the US, Europe and Asia. With hundreds of sales reps across dozens of countries, BVI's convoluted sales process, which was manually facilitated through spreadsheets, led to errors and took months to close a sale. They needed a better way to sell their 1400+ products, shorten their sales cycle and accelerate their penetration into the ophthalmic surgical pack market by moving up the value chain from selling individual instruments to selling an increased number of full surgical packs. MERGE built a custom web application for BVI's sales team, so they could consult with surgeons on assembling the ideal surgical pack.


WINNER | Silver

MERGE + B. Braun Medical, Solutions for Life - Use of Public Relations



Over the past few years, drug shortages created a healthcare delivery crisis in the US. The problem had become so severe that these shortages achieved mainstream awareness and scrutiny by the FDA. When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico in 2017, the U.S. had reached a crisis situation and all major IV solutions providers were being blamed, including our client, B. Braun. The irony was that, as a family-owned company not beholden to Wall Street, B. Braun had been uniquely committed to patient, product and environmental safety for over a century. In fact, B. Braun saw the delivery of IV bags, not as a profit center, but as a moral imperative. As part of this perspective, Braun had made an internal commitment to invest over $1B in expanding their capacity and modernizing their IV fluid manufacturing as part of this commitment.



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