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Our New Chapter: Uniting with MERGE

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2021

We’re starting a new chapter in the Perkuto story!

We’re excited to announce we’ve united with MERGE, a premium storytelling technology company that promotes health, wealth, and happiness. By uniting with MERGE, we’ll expand their marketing operations platform capabilities by offering Marketo and Workato managed services.

So, how did we select MERGE?

As we got to know MERGE better, we discovered strong alignment around our mutual core values and continuing our Better Workplace mission. Youcef and I were thrilled to hear how Merge’s values and philosophies align with Perkuto’s, namely agility, ability, and humility.

We feel passionate about their purpose to merge storytelling and technology. While storytelling engages the hearts, technology connects the parts.

We also discovered abundant opportunities including the means to back Perkuto’s ambitions and accelerate our vision with more resources.

MERGE is creating a modern, integrated model that effectively blends creative, experience, and technology solutions. Together, we will be stronger and able to work faster, more efficiently, and with more resources.

MERGE unlocks access to more talents as we continue enhancing our products and service offerings for the Enterprise segment. The team will stay focused on Marketo and Workato services, and with MERGE by our side, we can now add fully integrated marketing solutions, including more campaign capabilities ranging from creative content to digital media, to customer experience design and performance marketing capabilities such as SEO, analytics and data science. For the entire team, this is exciting.

There will be changes of course, but good changes. We are keeping the core roots of Perkuto as we know it. Youcef and I are not going anywhere and we’ll keep 100% of Perkuto employees.

So, what does this new chapter mean for you, our valued clients?

Perkuto, Jeto, and Digesto customers will have the same team, level of care, access to ever-growing expertise, high-quality work, and an overall enjoyable experience. Our vision and mission will not change, and our values, systems, and processes will continue forward. Lastly, you’ll have the same access to Youcef and I.
An immediate benefit for all of our clients is expanded capacity through the hiring of additional team members. More people and projects translates to accelerated value from your marketing operations investments.  

Plus, we’ll have even more investment in our products, Jeto and Digesto. That means even more campaign capabilities!

We will continue to focus on our Adobe Platinum and Workato Gold Partnerships. There are so many more opportunities that we can tackle with more resources and a stronger structure to support the vision.

With MERGE’s strong storytelling experience and our technical expertise, we’re excited to elevate our offerings altogether. We look forward to sharing continued thought leadership in the marketing operations space as well as propelling the automation movement. With eight offices in North America, we have more geographic representation to be closer to clients, especially in the USA.

Together, we are in a unique position to offer enterprise and fast-growing organizations the ability to leverage marketing operations platforms like Marketo and Workato to tell exceptional stories to the world.

We invite you to celebrate with us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our new chapter.

View the official press release.