You're the Product Expert. Retail Media Can Take You to the Next Level.

Merge helps brands just like yours manage the complicated retail media environment. Let us help you sell more.

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"Retail Media isn't a tax. It's an opportunity."

- Eli Gurock SVP, Group Lead, Retail Media


Leveraging Retail Media Will Improve Your Product's
Rankings, Generate More Revenue and Monopolize Shelf
Space Over Your Competitors.

Own Your Sales - Don't Sit Back and Wait for Them to Come to You.

MERGE's Retail Media Team of experienced experts is uniquely positioned to help you optimize media across
all US retailers. Our proven success working with a wider variety with brands allows us to provide a holistic
view of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Boost Your Products to the Top of the Rankings.

  • Target your exact audience
  • Launch new products with premium category placements
  • Sell more products during peak seasons 
  • Align media with inventory to maximize spend

Data + Media = Success

Understand the Possibilities with Retail Media

Merge is a full-scale advertising and marketing agency specializing in helping brands improve the digital
presence of their products and enhance online visibility with their retail partners.

Our team's expansive advertising capabilities center around the use of data in meaningful ways to
successfully manage Retail Media campaigns across all major retailer outlets.

Solutions Across The Entire Ecosystem

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Sponsored Product Ads

Increase revenue and strengthen brand equity with strategically placed digital advertising in place of product listings.

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Native and Display Ads

Serve ads that blend seamlessly with site content to target specific audience groups on and off site.

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DSP / Programmatic Activities

Buy ads programmatically to create unique audience groups that drive the exact type of traffic you need to your products or brands.

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New-To-Brand Customer Campaigns

Use your budget to cultivate new, in-market customers and leverage them to hit sales targets.