We launch life science brands into the future

From blockbuster oncology to ultrarare neurology, we merge storytelling and technology to captivate customers, transform companies, and change lives.

Science + Soul

Our team of life science poets and PhDs works alongside out-of-category innovators with deep digital expertise to move life science marketing forward.

Launching Brands

For brands that set their sights higher, we have a proven track record of over 100 launches across a wide range of therapeutic categories. World-class creative combines with the latest, most sophisticated data-driven marketing to propel brands to new heights.


Omnichannel Excellence

Combining life science veterans with in-house media, analytics, and technology experts, we’re architecting closed-loop ecosystems to tell meaningful brand stories. Developing engaging customer experiences. And delivering measurable results every step of the way.


Oncology Expertise

With distinct treatment paradigms, unique patient journeys, and evolving market dynamics, oncology truly is a world apart. To navigate the complexities of specific cancers, we bring a deep bench of experts with years of experience in building successful oncology brands across tumor types.


Rare Disease

In rare disease, leadership isn’t claimed—it’s earned. By driving earlier diagnosis, delivering practical support, and creating uplifting experiences, we’ve helped countless patients rise above the limitations of their conditions. All while helping our clients solidify their leadership in the communities they serve. Get fresh thinking for elevating rare disease marketing here.

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Medtech Magic

With nearly four decades of medtech experience, our extensive knowledge is the foundation for your success. From launching cutting-edge wearable technologies to navigating the intricate pathways of 510k or PMA approvals to elevating the value of medtech brands in today’s health systems, our seasoned team is ready. Take a closer look at how we have partnered with GE Healthcare to take their brand and marketing to the next level in today’s top-tier health systems.


Expertise in Pharma Marketing

Just some of our life science clients



GE Healthcare
Biocon Biologics

MERGE has been a partner of mine through multiple first-in-class product launches into the oncology and cell therapy space. They excel at launch strategy and execution and are the best creative agency I have ever worked with.

Vice President, Global Marketing, Kite Pharma

Pharma Leadership Team

Chief Client Officer/Life Science Practice Leader

Pat McGloin

Allison Bensen Headshot EVP, Client Service

Allison Benson

EVP, Group Creative Leader

Denis O'Keefe

EVP, Group Creative Leader

Steve Lynch

Anthony Henriques Headshot EVP, Group Creative Leader

Anthony Henriques

Megan Doyle SVP, Group Medical Leader

Megan Doyle

Molly Lane Headshot EVP, Client Service

Molly Lane

Bob Deininger Headshot VP, Media Leader

Bob Deininger