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MERGE Helps TELUS Health Improve Campaign Results from 3% to 20%

Learn how MERGE helped Telus Health level-up its campaign execution to reach unprecedented growth.



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Marie-Claire Charlton, senior marketing manager at TELUS Health, knew that she was going to need a little help building automation programs to help her track and segment utilization patterns. Their approach to marketing has always been a little bit more traditional, kind of with the spray-and-pray mentality. They were really just used to doing e-blasts rather than leveraging a strategic, data-driven approach.



Working with MERGE to help with the marketing automation project opened up a whole new world for TELUS Health. “We brought this challenge to the table and we built a campaign for dormant providers to get them back up and using the service — we've had some really great results so far.”

Marie-Claire continued, “That was way over our expectations. The benchmark that we had for that campaign was three percent and the results that we're seeing are 20 percent. MERGE helped us to reduce conversion time for new providers onboarding to the service from 17 days down to nine days.”

But what Marie-Claire said was even bigger than the impressive campaign and conversion results was the fact that MERGE was able to help TELUS Health send the right message to the right people at the right time, connecting with their intended audience in a way that truly resonated.